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Our Values

The Ghostlight Stage Company was created to offer a space where artists and patrons can feel celebrated, wanted, and safe. When entering our space- whether for a show, workshop, or artistic experience, patrons and artists know that they will always receive a high quality experience. To ensure our promise, we have broken our values into these categories: Equity & Anti-Racism, Accessibility, People over Profits, and Collaboration. Through these, we hope to offer thoughtful solutions to ongoing issues we as artists have seen while working in the arts industry. Please feel free to reach out anytime you see an area for improvement as we are always eager to learn. 

The Ghostlight Stage Company secondary logo. Logo is in the shape of a circle with the title of the company printed around the perimeter of the circle. A ghostlight clip art image is in the center of the circle.

Equity & Anti-Racism

The Ghostlight Stage Company is committed to being a fully equitable and anti-racist arts organization. We aim to reflect these values in our commitment to continuous learning and unlearning. Just as we plan to create artistic experiences that help challenge the community, we are ready and committed to being challenged ourselves. We accept our responsibility as a new arts organization and the impact that has on the community. All employees and volunteers (whatever their gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, age, identity, sexual orientation, education, ability, religion, socioeconomic status, physical appearance, or attributes) should always feel valued and respected. A comprehensive plan to stay true to these commitments is available HERE .


We are committed to providing the Greater Cincinnati area with top notch professional arts programming that is truly for everyone. We understand that the fine arts have often had the reputation of being inaccessible, it is our mission to help be the change we'd like to see. We aim to continue to have free and low cost educational programming and professional entertainment for the people of Cincinnati to enjoy. We plan to improve the art experience for all of our patrons with ASL-interpreted performances, sensory friendly performances and workshops, and more. We hope to further eliminate barriers for Cincinnati artists through programming that celebrates everyone in our community. View our current action plan at this HERE.

People over Profits

We believe the arts should be for all to enjoy and not made as a tool to exploit the very artists making the work happen. To keep with this standard we will employ a transparency policy with every job, having each one include the amount of estimated hours the role will be expected to work and the rate. Every. single. time. Additionally, our administrative positions will never make over 50% margin of our artist salary. We also believe you should not have to be in a union to feel you are treated with respect and met with fair working conditions. We have a commitment to honor as many of the Equity union safety procedures as possible for every artist we hire, regardless of their union status. In addition we will be making a commitment to never have the "10/12" tech days that have become typical in the theatrical environment. A more comprehensive plan can be viewed HERE.


Although everyone loves a good competition, we aren't really interested in trying to be better than anyone else! With so many incredible organizations and artists in our community, we hope to uplift one another through meaningful artistic collaborations. We aim to collaborate in many ways: across artistic mediums, with other artistic companies, with different nonprofit organizations, and more! We value all of the artists and community members in our city and know we can learn from each of them and build something amazing together. We aim to try and answer every inquiry we receive, regardless of if we are actively seeking collaborators at the time or not. We also have a goal to collaborate with at least one new organization every year for our first ten years of existence (although we keep this going for many more years beyond then!) If you would like to suggest a company for us to reach out to or work at a nonprofit or arts organization in town, please reach out to us today! Our full action plan to tackle our collaboration goals can be viewed HERE.

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